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Why SparkLoop Is a No-Brainer For Your Newsletter (For Free)

Monetize your newsletter on autopilot

SparkLoop* is a newsletter referral program on steroids. 

By recommending your favorite newsletter via a popup after your signup form, you can earn money. A lot!

Just look at this earnings report from Anthony Castrio shared on Twitter:

Screenshot from Twitter

He’s made almost $30K from SparkLoop recommendations. 

Here’s how!

The Spark

First, what is SparkLoop?

SparkLoop is a newsletter referral software that helps creators grow their email lists by rewarding subscribers for sharing their newsletters with friends.

SparkLoop offers features like:

  • Customizable referral links: You can create custom referral links that include your own branding and messaging.
  • Trackable referral traffic: SparkLoop tracks all referral traffic, so you can see how many subscribers are being referred from each source.
  • Rewards: You can offer a variety of rewards to subscribers who refer their friends, such as free access to your content, discounts, or exclusive merchandise.
  • Analytics: SparkLoop provides detailed analytics, so you can track the performance of your referral program and see how it’s contributing to your email list growth.
  • Upscribe: A widget with recommendations to include in your signup forms and landing pages

We’re particularly interested in the last feature here, SparkLoop Upscribe. More on that in a second.

Why SparkLoop

SparkLoop seems technical, but it isn’t. It’s fairly easy to set up, the support is great and quick to respond, and issues are easily solved. 

Simply put: Every newsletter should use SparkLoop!

Now, SparkLoop does cost. But here’s the deal: The paid version isn’t necessary to earn money via recommendations.I’ve been using the free version for a few months and have made a few hundred dollars with recommendations, never spending a single dollar. 

Here are more reasons to consider SparkLoop:

1. Boom

Newsletters are booming. It’s the middle of 2023, and that hasn’t slowed down a bit. Most creators have a newsletter or an email list. 

SparkLoop is a no-brainer for all. Small creators and large ones.

The biggest payout ever to one single creator just happened last month. SparkLoop paid over $92,000 to one newsletter operator.

2. No downsides

There are really no downsides to using a service like SparkLoop

The main attraction here being SparkLoop Upscribe, a free widget that appears after somebody signs up to your newsletter via a supported website form. 

SparkLoop supports a good list of email service providers (ESPs). You’ll find the most popular ones there. Two things are mandatory for ESPs to fit with SparkLoop:

  1. Access to the backend of the ESP via an API
  2. Embeddable signup forms or landing pages that support scripts

If you use ConvertKitMailChimpBeehiivEmailOctopusMailerLite, and more, you can use SparkLoop Upscribe without a problem. 

3. It feels like cheating

Honestly, using SparkLoop feels a bit like cheating. You only have to set it up once, and it’s working for you in the background of your forms, earning you dollars whenever people subscribe to the newsletter you recommend in your Upscribe widget. 

I have been earning 2–3 figures a month from SparkLoop recommendations with my relatively small email list of 1300 people and one main signup form.

You can also include free recommendations there. Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler was the one who introduced me to SparkLoop* a few months ago, and I still recommend his newsletter for free in my Upscribe widget.

4. Growing payouts

$92K sounds like a dream. So does $30K. But even small creators can easily earn hundreds per month on SparkLoop in a short period of time, only growing from then on.

SparkLoop’s potential is sky-high. And it’s steadily growing, just like the payouts. 

Calculate for yourself

You can display 5 recommendations at once in the Upscribe widget (although you can choose many more and SparkLoop will cycle through those). 

Each one (if paid) earns you $2–3 on average per subscriber per recommendation. 

So, one person who signs up for all 5 recommended newsletters can make you $15. ONE person with one click!

Now imagine having 10 people sign up each day. That’s $150 from this one widget in the background.

Imagine 50 people or 100 per day. Now you see why some newsletter operators earn thousands from this little widget.

How to use SparkLoop

It’s no rocket science. For non-techie people, it can get a little overwhelming, but trust me, it’s doable and it’s worth it. Also, if you need help, SparkLoop supports is there in a few hours tops. They’re awesome.

A quick how-to guide:

  1. Sign up for a SparkLoop account*.
  2. Connect your email service provider. SparkLoop supports a variety of email marketing providers. Here’s a list.
  3. Enable Upscribe. Once you’ve connected your email marketing provider, you can enable Upscribe. This allows you to start recommending other newsletters to your subscribers.
  4. Choose publications (newsletters) to recommend. You can also choose to recommend paid publications, which will earn you a commission for each subscriber you refer, or free ones.
  5. Activate your Upscribe widget. Once you’ve selected the publications you want to recommend, you can activate your Upscribe widget. SparkLoop guides you through this process. It mainly involved adding a script snippet to your signup form. In the end, this will add a widget to your newsletter that shows your subscribers recommendations for other newsletters.
  6. Track your results. SparkLoop provides detailed analytics, so you can track the performance of your Upscribe recommendations. You can see how many subscribers have clicked on your recommendations, and which publications are the most popular.

The Upscribe widget looks something like this when it’s live:

Screenshot of Upscribe widget by author

The bottom line

With the newsletter boom and the sea of creators writing one, SparkLoop* is a no-brainer tool for your email list. 

Here’s the best part I haven’t even touched on yet. SparkLoop recommendations include huge newsletter empires like 1440* which have humongous budgets to pay out to newsletter referrers. For one single subscriber, you can earn over $3.

It’s no wonder, some creators are making 4–5 figures with SparkLoop alone, with giant newsletter companies like 1440* supporting the platform.

Again, to bring it all home: Every newsletter should use SparkLoop*!

There’s no downside. Just huge potential.

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