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My Free Tool Recommendation For Content Creators 2024 — I Create Full-Time & Still Don’t Pay a Cent

The best options are the ones you can afford

What’s stopping you from becoming a content creator in 2024?

I’ve done it next to my full-time job and my kids in the past and now as a full-time online creator.

If I can do it, you can do it. Cliché, I know, but it’s true.

Here are 5 free tools (and some similar options) to help you get started:

#1 Plan, organize, manage, create

The first free tool every creator should try at least once is Notion. I’m a Notion guy.

It’s overwhelming at first, but that’s for a reason. It’s one of the most powerful free tools you’ll ever find online. Period.

Notion lets you create your content, organize it, plan it out, and archive it all in one place. It helps you remember, structure, and create your content. For free, on desktop, mobile, and web.

Amazing value!

It gets new features all the time and works on every platform. It’s perfect for creators, from solopreneurs to large teams.

You can even make money with Notion by selling templates, consulting, and more, as I do.

I have a writing system called Superwriter that helps me stay productive. You can get it here, if you’re interested!

#2 Write & publish

Two great free platforms for writers are Medium and Substack.

Sure, they’re not perfect. What is? But for free, they’re worth it.

Now, just know that Medium changed their policy on earning. Previously you could write and earn without paying a dime. Now you need to be a paying Medium member to earn. That’s $5 a month. But you can still use it for free and just write. Like WordPress, but simpler and with a built-in audience.

Substack* is great for email newsletters and blogs. Start collecting subscribers, even if you have no audience yet. And push out your posts to a blog without the need for and stress that comes with a WordPress installation or other more complex tools.

Substack is dead simple. And provides most features a writer requires.

Use Medium and Substack together to craft, publish, and share your writing to two sizeable audience pools while collecting email addresses for your email list.

#3 Selling

To sell digital products, use Payhip* (or Gumroad*).

Those two are the best options, in my opinion.

You can sell courses, templates, memberships, coaching, and more for free on Payhip — a 5% transaction fee.

Payhip lets you customize your store and add a blog. Connect your own domain too. It’s a great platform.

It handles all VAT taxation for EU/UK customers — a must-have but overlooked feature.

Gumroad offers much of the same but for a 10% fee. It does have better email capabilities, though.

#4 Sharing

Pick 1–2 social platforms to share content that fits your niche.

I use X for writing, but try YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or others for video podcasts, or images. I’ve been enjoying Substack Notes (sort of a Twitter competitor) a lot too recently.

To grow your audience, you will need an email list. I always recommend Substack. But it’s mainly for simple email functionality.

For automation and advanced features like tagging, segmentation, etc. you need something more. Try EmailOctopus* which has a generous free plan & very affordable pro plans, or check out MailerLite* and ConvertKit* for even more power.

Don’t overthink it. Just start collecting emails. You can switch platforms later.

#5 Next level

With those tools, you’re set as a beginner. But here are more options:

Get your own website. It’s not essential but has benefits.

Some free options:

  1. Landing pages like Bio.linkLinktreeCarrd*.
  2. Payhip’s or Gumroad’s free site/blog features.
  3. or (free developer versions).

Good paid options:

  2. Squarespace
  3. Webflow
  4. Wix
  5. Notion builders like Super or Bullet*.

Check out my Creators’ Toolbox for a comprehensive tools list.

The bottom line

Those are the free tools to become a creator in 2024.

I used them to build my writing business, shop, email lists, and YouTube channels.

I still don’t pay anything except $6 for domains and $5 for Medium. Neither is mandatory.

You can start for free. And earn money.

Make 2024 your year. Start and don’t quit. 100 days can change your life.

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