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What Ads In the Tweet Comments Tell Us About Growth Strategies On Twitter

And how to take advantage

Twitter is the number 1 social network for writers and content creators to build an audience, grow a newsletter, and sell products.

I strongly believe this.

To make the best of Twitter, the little details are key.

Here’s one little detail.

Twitter started rolling out ads in the tweet comment section. Whenever you tweet and people comment below, every once in a few tweets, you’ll see an ad that appears as another comment.

Fine strategy. While people simply scroll past timeline ads most of the time, ads within the comment section might be more eye-catching.

Here’s what this means for us creators, and the algorithm.

Since Twitter wants us to see the ads in the comments, Twitter’s algorithm will undoubtedly favor and push tweets that get a lot of comments.

This means if you want to grow faster on Twitter, start commenting a ton, instead of liking or retweeting. And try to get your followers to do the same on your tweets. This will increase the chances of your tweets getting pushed by the algorithm.

Yes, you will see more ads that way. But you’ll also benefit from algorithm-driven reach.

The little details matter.

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