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The Best Alternatives For Unsplash

More variety and different styles, plus a couple of sites I wouldn’t use

Tired of the same ol’ featured images in thousands of posts here. There’s nothing wrong with using Unsplash. It’s a great site for copyright-free images. But it has been heavily overused on this platform.

For all of you who like a fresh new look, these are my favorite Unsplash alternatives. The last one, in particular, is my go-to right now and in my opinion even better than Unsplash overall.


If you know Unsplash, chances are you know Pexels as well. It’s a well-rounded alternative with a large library of beautiful images.

The problem with Pexels is the same as with Unsplash though. Pexels is widely used on this platform and all over the blogging sphere.

Still, there are always new pics available to spice up your next post.


Are you familiar with KaboomPics? This site is actually a one-woman show, believe it or not. Her name is Karolina and she manages KaboomPics. This means you directly support her. I love that idea.

KaboomPics offers gorgeous photography, although the library is smaller than that of Unsplash or Pexels.

Still, I’d always take a look at KaboomPics first.


Reshot is another fantastic site.

In contrast to the aforementioned options, Reshot not only offers great photography but also SVG icons and vector illustrations, those cartoonish-looking images that many people use these days.

My favorite: FreePik

When it comes to my favorite at the moment, it’s without a doubt FreePik. This site offers stock photos, vector illustrations, and even PSD files (Photoshop Document). This is great for writers and designers alike.

The selection of images is great, the mixture of vectors and photos really does for me. I use FreePik for most of my stories these days. I highly recommend checking the site out.

One caveat though: FreePik has a download limit without an account. Meaning to download more after you hit the limit, you need to create an account. But don’t worry! It’s a FREE account. Then you can download more.

Sites I don’t like

There are some other stock photo sites that get thrown around as alternatives for the biggies like Unsplash or Pexels, but I don’t quite see them on the same level.

Stocksnap is not bad per se, but the selection is small compared to the aforementioned alternatives. I also feel that the overall quality of the photography is not on the same level.


Another site for stock photos that is good but not on quite as good as Unsplash or Pexels.

Sites for videos


If you’re looking for videos instead or in addition to photos, Pixabay is always a great destination. Pixabay has great photos, vectors, illustrations, video, and even royalty-free music and sound effects.

It’s the perfect mix for YouTubers, video editors, or podcasters.


Pexels also offers video footage to its users, oftentimes in a portrait format tailored toward social media use, i.e. TikTok, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, etc.


Videovo is another fine stock video site. You’ll get a great selection of beautiful footage for all types of sceneries.

Things to note

For many of the mentioned platforms, you need to credit the source in your projects. Some platforms offer a premium account. Then you don’t have to credit the source. Check out the licenses of each platform before you use the files in your stories!

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