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5 Great Linktree Alternatives With Unique Features

“You only link once”

One link to rule them all. That’s the idea behind Linktree, a popular service to quickly create a landing page with all your important links.

Linktree is all over social media. You find Linktree links on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. Everywhere. They’re easy to spot. They look like this:

The concept is dead-simple, yet immensely powerful.

You need a place to store and share all your links to projects, content, social media, contact info, and more.

Perfect solution.

However, Linktree isn’t the only service like this. There are plenty.

What’s the downside of Linktree

Linktree is not a bad service. It works well, is easy to use, and the designs look great.

Here are a couple of things to consider though:

  1. No custom domains. With Linktree, you’re bound to use the domain. You can’t connect your own domain.
  2. Downtimes. In the past, Linktree has had to deal with occasional server downtimes and outages which made all pages unavailable to visitors. That can happen, but it shouldn’t happen a lot.
  3. Loading times. Surprisingly enough, Linktree sites have a tendency to load slowly. Not incredibly slow, but compared to popular alternatives, it’s noticeable. For website visitors, every millisecond counts.

With that out of the way, here are my favorite alternatives.


Screenshot by author

You might have heard of Buy Me a Coffee. comes from the same team.

I like this service. It’s rather new, but it already shines. First and foremost, it’s free. With no paid plan in sight.

The feature set is basic at this point, but the Buy Me a Coffee team is known for quick development and for honoring user feedback. New features will arrive constantly.

Why I like it

What makes unique? To me, it starts with the branding, actually. While Linktree sounds kind of weird, makes perfect sense. It’s exactly what it is. A bio link.

Just compare the two! What looks better? or

Furthermore, you can change your link to as well if you fancy that word order.

Other upsides:

  1. has 15 beautiful themes to choose from, and you can customize your own with colors, gradients, fonts, images, and button styles. That’s more than Linktree allows on the free plan.
  2. It’s super easy to use
  3. It offers simple stats
  4. A wide range of social buttons are available
  5. Custom domains are coming soon
  6. Multiple integration formats, like Tweets, YouTube embeds, Spotify tracks (and more coming soon like Shopify or podcasts)


  1. Limited feature set right now
  2. No advanced analytics or marketing insights

Who is for

It’s for people who want the easiest, free tool with a lot of customization options and a stable service provider to share their links, build email lists, and showcase YouTube videos, tweets, or Spotify tracks.


Campsite is one of the original Linktree rivals. It’s been active for a long time. The team resides in Milwaukee.

Campsite has a free plan that offers more features than Linktree’s free counterpart. They also offer a pro plan for $7 per month or the pro+ plan for $24.

Why I like it

Campsite’s unique feature is the Profile Embed. That means you can embed your campsite link page into your own website. Be that a WordPress blog, a Squarespace page, or a custom HTML design. Essentially, this means that you can get a custom domain for free with Campsite.

Other than this, Campsite is comparable to Linktree.

Who is Campsite for

It’s for creators who like the Linktree-style in a different format. It’s also for website owners who want to integrate the page directly into their website for free.


Screenshot by author

Oh, Beacons, this one is the alternative for marketers.

Beacons offers a lot of features for marketing and analytics. It also integrates shopping functionality, donations, and extensive customization for free. The creator plan for $10/month has even more to offer.

Why I like it

Beacons is rather comprehensive. Aside from various design options, link styles, and formats, the service shines with in-depth analytics of visitor data. Click-rates, sources, social media stats, email list building, it’s all there. You can directly integrate payments as well.


  1. Many features for free
  2. In-depth analytics and stats
  3. Advanced customization
  4. Two pages with navigation menu at the top (up to 5 pages on paid plan)
  5. Brand deals section for influencers who can set up payments for sponsorships and deals


  1. Almost too many options
  2. Web interface a little crowded
  3. Design templates are pretty boring
  4. isn’t exactly descriptive

Who is Beacons for

It’s for creators who want to track various stats. It’s also great for influences who take brand deals and sponsorship on Instagram, TikTok, and more.

#4 Milkshake

Screenshot by author

“You only link once” — Milkshake

Brilliant slogan!

Milkshake is a free Linktree alternative that offers a number of unique features. Overall, it’s more of a simple website builder than a link page creator.

One caveat: Milkshake is only available on smartphones, meaning you can only create and edit your sites from the Milkshake apps for iOS or Android.

Why I like it

It’s the easiest website builder for mobile devices. This fits perfectly into the mobile-first world we’re living in today.


  1. Super easy to use
  2. Beautiful design templates
  3. Easy customization
  4. Multiple pages (swipe through them)
  5. Mid-level stats and analytics available
  6. Combine multiple accounts, for example for personal and business socials


  1. App-only
  2. The link is, not exactly descriptive
  3. To remove the Milkshake branding, you have to pay $2.50 per month
  4. Limited content formats. Text, images, YouTube, and social links

Who is Milkshake for

It’s for creatives who want a little more design flexibility and multiple pages.

#5 A custom link page

Last but not least, my favorite Linktree alternative. Build your own link page! If you have a website, this is a no-brainer. Just create a Linktree-style page on your website. Either right at or at a subdomain like


  1. No additional platform
  2. No additional costs
  3. Your brand, your URL, your name
  4. You decide what to feature and how to make it look. With some web design skills, you can take this link page to another level.
  5. Web traffic benefits you and your site which increases domain authority and page rankings over time. In comparison, with Linktree and similar services, all traffic benefits them, not you. Unless they offer custom domains.


  1. You might need some technical skills
  2. Requires a domain with web hosting package
  3. You need third party tools for insights into views and stats

Who is it for

It’s for advanced creatives who either already have a website & domain or plan to get one. It helps to have skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The bottom line

You need a link page. Nowadays, every online creator does. Linktree is one of the most popular services, but it might not be the best fit for you.

On this list, you’ve found a few great alternatives with unique features.

I designed my own link page. It’s a basic HTML & CSS design. Web traffic goes to my URL, and it fits to my brand identity.

This is all I need.

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