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November Recap: A High In Views & Earnings, 2x Published Stories & NewsBreak

New energy, scheduled posting, increasing my story output

Almost Christmas. Jesus Christ. That year went by quickly. As we’re unfortunately heading into another pandemic-ridden Christmas season, I’m trying to reflect on the positive here.

New energy & efficiency

November has been an efficient month for me. I tried upping my story output significantly. As a father of 5 and with my 9-to-5, this hasn’t been easy. But it was worth it.

I posted 49 stories in November. I had been publishing around 20–25 for the months prior. A significant increase that was only possible through the extensive use of shortform posts. Some of those were my best-performing stories overall on this platform.

On schedule

To get this output done, I’ve reduced a few other activities. I didn’t post on Vocal Media. I stopped using Quora and Substack. I took a break from YouTube. Luckily, this didn’t affect my YouTube earnings. On the other hand, I started writing on NewsBreak. I repurposed a few of my stories and published them there. It’s going well so far.

Furthermore, I made heavy use of Medium’s scheduling function to release stories every day. I followed a posting schedule of 2–3 long-form posts per week and a handful or more shortform stories to finish off the week.

As I said, this worked out pretty nicely for me. November has been one of my highest-earning months and the month with the most views overall. 40,000 to be exact.

My most popular stories in November

These were my most popular posts. You’ll find many shortform stories here. You should try that if you haven’t.

  1. Did You Know You Could Make 17K a Month Writing Short Weather Forecasts
  2. How Much YouTube Paid Me for 3.5 Million Views
  3. Over the Last 2 Months My Shortform Content Has Garnered More Money Than Long Stories
  4. This Site Is So Much Better Than Unsplash
  5. How This Writer Makes $400 Per Day On Medium
  6. Reads Are Up But Earnings Are Down, How Can That Be?
  7. I Discovered the Real Reason People Are Leaving Medium
  8. Medium Just Added an Important Feature
  9. My Newsletter Experiment Has Failed and That’s Good, Here’s Why
  10. You Can Still Go Viral On Medium

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