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My Favorite Productivity Apps 2024

Mostly free!

My Favorite Productivity Apps 2024

Mostly free! 

Let’s talk about the apps that are straight-up game-changers for getting stuff done in 2024. 

These tools have become my ride-or-die tools for staying on top of my productivity.

For reference, I am a Mac and iOS user.

The powerful spotlight

First up, we got Alfred – the Spotlight on steroids. 

It’s not new. I bet you’ve heard about Alfred before. For good reasons. It’s pretty dope.

This little powerhouse is like having a personal assistant right at your fingertips. 

Forget about hunting through menus or memorizing keyboard shortcuts – Alfred lets you do pretty much anything with just a few keystrokes. Need to find a file, calculate something, or even control your smart home? 

Alfred’s got your back.

Removing apps

Next on the list is App Cleaner, because let’s be real, we all accumulate digital clutter over time. 

This nifty little tool makes sure that when you delete an app, it gets rid of every last bit of it – no more leftover files clogging up your system. 

It’s like Marie Kondo for your Mac, helping you keep things tidy and sparkling clean.

The all-in-one messenger

Beeper is a total lifesaver when it comes to communication. Imagine having all your texts, messages, and DMs from different platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, and Twitter all in one place. 

Beeper does exactly that, keeping everything neatly organized and synced across all your devices. It’s like having a universal translator for your digital conversations.

It’s invite only for now, though.

Expand on this

Espanso is my go-to text expander, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. 

First of all, it’s free and open source. Most alternatives cost.

And it’s super helpful: Instead of typing out the same phrases or snippets over and over again, Espanso lets you set up shortcuts that expand into whatever you need – whether it’s your email signature, frequently used responses, or even entire templates. 

It’s like having a personal shorthand for your typing, saving you time and effort.

Get the latest

Speaking of saving time, Latest is a must-have for keeping all your apps up-to-date without any hassle. No more manually checking for updates or scouring the internet for the latest versions – Latest does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s like having a personal app butler, making sure you’re always running the freshest software.

Paste right

PurePaste is a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with formatted text. We’ve all been there – you copy something from one place, paste it somewhere else, and suddenly the formatting is all wonky. 

PurePaste puts an end to that madness by stripping away all the unnecessary formatting with just a click. It’s like a digital detox for your text.

All the angles

Rectangle is the window management solution we’ve all been waiting for on macOS. For free!

No more fiddling with awkward keyboard shortcuts or dragging windows around – Rectangle lets you quickly snap windows into place with customizable keyboard shortcuts. It’s like having a personal window wrangler, keeping your desktop organized and clutter-free.

Shoot this

Last but not least, we have Shottr – the screen capture and recording app that’s a cut above the rest. 

I bet you’ve heard about Cleanshot X or other paid tools. Too expensive for me. Shotr is free!

Sure, macOS has built-in capabilities, but Shottr takes things to the next level with advanced annotation tools, blurring options, and background removal. It’s like having a digital art studio right at your fingertips, perfect for creating stunning visuals and tutorials.

The bottom line

So there you have it – my hand-picked lineup of apps that have become essential for staying productive and efficient in 2024. 

Whether you’re a power user, a creative professional, or just someone who wants to get more done with less effort, these apps are sure to become your new best friends.

They’re mine.

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