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Medium Just Fixed a Massive Flaw With Notifications

Long overdue

Holy cr*p.

Medium, did you listen to me?

A while ago, I suggested a small but significant change to the notification system. Now, they’ve done.

Aside from some general loading issues with the notifications over the last few months, one other thing has always been bugging me about the system:

The overview or lack there of.

You open the notification try (on desktop) and you’re greeted with an endless list of notifications without any form of sorting or grouping. A mixture of claps, responses, follows, subscribers, referred members, and for publications owners or editors notifications about new drafts and more. This is completely messy and unorganized.

Or it was. Because Medium have fixed part of this issue. Now, I see a tab-based view that at least groups all responsesseparately which is awesome as these are the to-do itemsThoughts?

Quick update: Apparently, some of you have always had this tab view?! I’ve never seen this on any of my devices or browsers before today. Have you had this view for long?

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