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Another Hack to Make Money On Simily

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Ah, Simily… my feed is full of stories about you.

Simily is trending. I wrote a couple of posts about this new Medium competitor. It looks promising. But as a newish platform, it’s also plagued with bugs and issues that get on many writers‘ nerves. Including mine.

Nevertheless, Simily could become a lucrative Medium alternative for writers. If they fix their issues, that is.

Today, let me give you a second hack for making (more) money on Simily. I already detailed the first hack in a previous post.

How to Make Money On Simily (a Quick Hack)
With a little help from

Give ’em options

This second hack is even more obvious and might yield even better results.

If you didn’t know, Simily pays for external views at the moment. $20 for 1000 views to be exact. This will change in the future. Then, Simily will operate like Medium. Earnings for member reads only.

Until this happens, there are a couple of ways to take advantage of the external view payment.

Here’s the step by step process for this second hack:

  1. Identify a Medium post of yours that’s in the middle of gaining many external views. Check your story stats pages for that.
  2. Take that post and republish it on Simily.
  3. Add a simple on-liner at the beginning of your original Medium story that says something like “If you’re not a Medium member, read this story for free here
  4. Link your Simily post to that one-liner (like I did on the word “here” above.
  5. Done. Check for results the next day(s).

Benefits of external views

What’s the point of this?

By using this one-liner, a number of external views on Medium that wouldn’t have led to any money on this platform will instead convert to Simily views that do get paid.

Easy, right?

Hold your horses

There’s one caveat though.

Simily, like Medium, only offers a small number of free reads per month for non-members. 5 is the current number of stories you can read for free as a non-member on Simily, to be exact.

That means some traffic might get stuck on the Simily paywall. But since this site is pretty new, I don’t suspect a lot of people to hit that 5 post limit too quickly.

Let’s see if this trick increases your Simily earnings. If so, tell me! If not, still do 😊

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