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I Got the New Tab-Based Notification View, Or did I?

Oops, apparently I don’t

This is a screenshot from today, January 13th, 2022. Notice something missing here?

Indeed! I still don’t have the “Responses” Tab View within the notifications tray on the desktop Medium website.

But didn’t I just write a post about this “new” feature and that I got it?

You’re right, I did!

This screenshot, however, is taken on my secondary laptop and as you can see, on this machine there’s still no “Responses” tab in the notification tray.

I mean, come on, Medium! What the hell?

Other people commented on my last post telling me they had this tab-based view for months on end, even more than a year.

This is NOT cool.

Because this view is actually one of the greatest changes to the website in a long while!

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