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How This Single Post Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars

And the implications it brings with it

When I write a post, I expect it to earn $5–25 on average. A select few are much higher, some earn less. But the average usually applies. Luckily more so at the upper end of the average.

On this platform, however, there are some (very few) lucky writers who can write a SINGLE post and count on a steady income in the 4 figure range.

The case

One of these cases is Benjamin Hardy. He recently published a post. Nothing special. A simple listicle.

In under two weeks, that post has garnered over 6K claps.

This one alone will earn Benjamin quite some money. That’s not the only thing though.

With this post, he also fulfilled the new Medium requirement of publishing at least 1 post every 6 months to stay in the partner program and get paid.

Had he not posted this, he would have gotten kicked out of the MPP by the end of the year.

The why

Why is this important? Because Benjamin has 241K followers. He was one of the most successful Medium writers ever on this platform until he stopped posting last year.

Now, he has picked his writing up. To stay in the MPP and keep earning thousands. Because his posts undoubtedly earn a lot. Still.

He has a huge catalog of stories. They still gain views and money.

That’s why this single post he posted on December 2nd is worth thousands of dollars.

He will stay in the MPP because of this post.

The bottom line

Since then, he did write another post. 3 days ago. That might mean that Benjamin is becoming an active Medium member again.

Some other Medium retirees might follow his lead. To stay in the MPP and keep their passive income. You can read more about that here:

The Most Underrated Change to The Medium Partner Program Will Be a Huge Deal Right Now

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