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Easily Create a Free Link In Bio Website With a Custom Domain

Free Linktree alternative for content creators

Easily Create a Free Link In Bio Website With a Custom Domain

Free Linktree alternative for content creators

Screenshot template

You’re a content creator. You probably need a website.

A personal website is your own space on the World Wide Web. It belongs to you, traffic from search engines is yours, domain authority rankings improve for your own domain.

For some, a comprehensive website with multiple pages or even a blog is overkill, though. Many of you simply need a link landing page. A landing page from where all your work is easily accessible. Like a Linktree page.

You’re probably familiar with Linktree. It’s a dead-simple service. You add your desired links to Linktree, and they will be displayed on a basic website. You can customize the look a little, but that’s it. For more, you have to pay. And you don’t have the option to connect your own domain.

Linktree alternative

Let’s change that. Let’s create a minimal link landing page like on Linktree, but with a custom domain.

All you need is Popsy and Notion.


The steps

On Popsy, visit the template section and select the Link in bio” template.

Then simply click on “Get the template”. You’ll be redirected to Notion.

If you’re already a Notion user, just duplicate the template to your Notion workspace. If not, sign up for Notion. It’s free. And super powerful for a variety of tasks and projects.

Shameless plug: I have a comprehensive writing system for Notion users and Medium writers called “Write OS”. I create all my content in Notion, and I back up and archive everything I do there as well. I also offer other Notion templates.

Once you’ve duplicated the Notion template to your workspace, you see its simplicity and ease-of-use.

Screenshot Popsy Notion template

Add your desired links in the same format as seen above. This will tell Popsy how to process each link and make it look like a button on the website.

Change the bio, add a profile pick, update the footer with your details, and you’re done. You can always change the info later. That’s the beauty of having the template in your Notion workspace.

Now, copy the Notion link. To do that, hit the “Share” button in the top right corner. Enable “Share to web”.

Visit Popsy again. On the template page, paste the Notion link into the field under Step 2.

Screenshot template

Sign in (or up) to Popsy with your Google account if you haven’t. You’ll be redirected to the Popsy backend. You can customize your link page with a few themes there. You can also add specific SEO details, create another website, visit the template gallery, and more.

When finished, click on “Publish”, and you’re live.

For now, your site will live on a free Popsy subdomain. To add your custom domain, follow these steps from the Popsy guide

It’s not overly complicated. The process depends on your domain provider. Popsy has guides for a few popular providers here.

The bottom line

Popsy is a fantastic free tool for Notion users. Creating websites is easy and free. You can create multiple websites and connect as many custom domains as you like.

For existing Notion users, this is a no-brainer, because you can keep track of everything and change your site within Notion.

For all of you who are not familiar with Notion, this is a great beginner’s use case to get started with it and get to know this powerful free productivity tool.

Popsy does offer a paid plan for $8 per month with more customization options, custom code integrations, Google Analytics option, and more. But you don’t need to get your website up and running on a custom domain.

Try Popsy & Notion. Tell me what you think!

Update: Popsy unfortunately just announced that they were going to ditch the free plan. A bummer. It was their best feature.

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