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Earn Money For Walking

Every step counts. Literally, in this case.

This might be the greatest side hustle I’ve ever seen.

Money for steps.

Before you go nuts, this won’t make you thousands of dollars. In fact, it won’t make you a single dollar right now.

Instead, you’ll earn Sweatcoins. Yummy.

But, oh boy, you should listen to this.

The idea

The service is called Sweatcoin, and it’s perfectly descriptive. You’ll get paid crypto coins for sweating.

Here is how it works:

  1. You get the Sweatcoin app for iOS or Android
  2. You connect a fitness tracker that counts steps, like an Apple Watch, Google Wear device, or just your smartphone. I have it hooked up to my Apple Watch.
  3. Voilà. With every step, you collect Sweatcoins.

This means you get paid for walking outside.


What’s a Sweatcoin

you might ask!

We live in the era of Web3. Sweatcoin is a cryptocurrency.

As you might have guessed, Sweatcoins are fairly new. They don’t have much value. It’s no Bitcoin or Ethereum. Sorry, Luna, btw.

But they have unique upsides. Here are a couple:

  1. Sweatcoin has gained a substantial user base with 64 million registered people.
  2. Sweatcoin is available around the world. It’s the number 1 mobile app in over 30 countries at the moment.
  3. Sweatcoin partners with huge companies like Audible, Tidal, Headspace, and thousands more.
  4. Sweatcoin also partners with organizations like Save The Children, Cancer Research UK, African Wildlife Foundation, NAACP, and more. You can donate your Sweatcoins to these charity organizations.
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How does Sweatcoin work

The company behind Sweatcoins needs to make money.

How do they do it? Three ways:

  1. Ads. The app uses ads. This isn’t too intrusive, but it can get annoying sometimes.
  2. Brand deals.
  3. Premium subscription. Sweatcoin does offer a premium plan which usually costs around $60 per year. You can get it for half right now. Or you pay $4.99 per month. For this, you’ll get double the amount of coins per step. You also get access to exclusive brand partners and deals.

The future

Sweatcoins has its own crypto token called SWEAT, running on the NEAR blockchain. You can convert Sweatcoin into SWEAT starting this summer. With a growing user base of already 64 million people, this could be a humongous launch in the crypto world.

You might be bummed out by the fact that you can’t exchange Sweatcoins for “real” money right now.

There’s another cool thing about this new cryptocurrency and platform, though.

Since Sweatcoins partners with numerous companies, you can, in fact, exchange your coins for goods and services from those brands. You’ll find those deals within the app.

Overall, Sweatcoin users have already exchanged $70M worth of goods and services via the Sweatcoin marketplace in Q1 2022.

That’s a tremendous number.

For now, only steps mint Sweatcoins. In the future, the company plans on adding other activities to this list.

The one huge advantage

Here’s the incredible upside of Sweatcoin over almost all other cryptocurrencies right now.

You don’t need any financial investment to get started! 
You don’t have to buy coins with dollars!

You just walk.

Every step counts. Literally, in this case. You’ll earn 1 coin for 1000 steps.

What’s the downside

Not much, really.

The app uses ads. That can be annoying at times. Apart from that, I don’t see downsides right now. As I said before, you don’t need financial investment, so the risk is low, non-existent even.

One note: Sweatcoin does take a 5% fee from your earned Sweatcoins. But this fee is in Sweatcoins, no need to pay dollars.

The bottom line

Sweatcoin is a cool example of the possibilities Web3 brings with it. Blockchain, crypto, tokens, NFTs, it’s all happening right now.

With Sweatcoin, you have nothing to lose, really. You don’t need money to buy into it. There’s no risk involved.

And even if Sweatcoin completely flops and never reaches any kind of real money value, the price was a more active lifestyle.

Doesn’t sound bad to me.

If you’re interested, you can try Sweatcoins here. This is my partner link. I’ll get 5 coins for every new member.

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