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The Genius Strategy That Helped This Woman Earn Over $1 Million in a Year On TikTok

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Get this — a woman in Brooklyn earned over a million dollars on TikTok in just one year! I know, it sounds unbelievable, but I’ve seen so many creative ways people make money online, nothing really shocks me anymore. Let’s take a closer look at how she pulled this off.

TikTok has become a massive success, and it’s not even 10 years old yet. The video platform took off incredibly fast. Like most big social media sites, TikTok makes money from advertising and premium accounts. But unlike YouTube, there’s no partner program to share revenue with creators. You have to get creative with monetization. And this woman, Teresa Caruso, found a simple but genius way to profit.

Teresa already had experience with blogging and social media when she joined TikTok in early 2020. She had run a blog since 2012 reviewing Amazon products across categories like beauty, fashion, home decor, and more. She also had an Amazon affiliate shop page to showcase her picks. This provided a solid foundation when she started on TikTok.

Here’s the gist of her strategy: Teresa posts short videos showcasing cool Amazon finds she loves. She includes her personalized affiliate links so viewers can purchase the products. Through Amazon’s program, she earns a small commission on any resulting sales.

Now consider this – in just one year, Teresa has amassed over 3.5 million TikTok followers and earned 115 million likes. Those are crazy numbers! Let’s break down the math on how those figures potentially translate to dollars.

If we assume 10% of her 3.5 million followers click each affiliate link, that’s 350K clicks. And if 10% of those clicks result in a purchase, that’s 35,000 sales. For ONE product featured in ONE video. But she posts multiple products per video, daily.

The commission earned depends on the item’s price and category. A $100 purchase with a 3% commission would net Teresa $3 per sale. At 35,000 sales, she’d make $105K from that single video. Even cheaper $1 purchases with a 10-cent commission could still equal up to $3500 in a day across multiple videos.

Crunching more numbers: $3 x 35,000 sales x 365 days = 38.325.000 per year! Of course, products have varying prices and commission rates. But with her astronomical reach, Teresa can easily clear 7 figures through TikTok affiliate links alone.

It’s mind-blowing, but makes total sense. Teresa built a loyal audience by delivering value — sharing cool products she genuinely likes in a consistent, engaging way. She mixes up content, but has a recognizable aesthetic and niche. Along with luck and great timing on a booming platform, she put herself in a prime position to profit big time.

Now before rushing off to replicate this, realize she had a head start from years of blogging and affiliate experience. This won’t be easy for beginners. Standing out on TikTok is highly competitive, especially in popular niches like fashion and beauty. Patience and persistence are required.

But with the right preparation and strategy, it IS possible to earn great money online. You might need to invest time and money upfront before seeing results. Having an existing audience helps jumpstart things too. But once you find a formula that clicks, the potential is exponential.

Teresa’s story shows the power of pairing a monetizable talent with the right platform and promotion. She turned product reviews into a million dollar income source almost overnight through TikTok. Sure, she got lucky with timing and going viral. But she laid the groundwork with quality content and affiliate links ready to go.

The takeaway is invaluable reach and influence can translate to big earnings online. But it takes effort and skill development. Starting on newer platforms with less competition improves the odds. You likely won’t make a million dollars in a year right away. But with persistence and savvy self-promotion, lucrative income is within reach. Teresa’s formula can work for anyone willing to adapt and grind it out.

In closing, don’t let unbelievable stories stop you from exploring online income channels. With some hustle and the right connections, these financial feats are attainable. It may take time to build your brand and figure out monetization. But you can absolutely earn a real living online with the right blueprint. Use cases like Teresa’s for inspiration, not intimidation. There are countless ways to leverage your talents and find an audience online. The possibilities for digital income are endless, no crazy viral fame required. With the right tools and some grit, your online breakout could be just around the corner!

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