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Unlocking the Multi-functional Power of Gumroad: Starting a Newsletter on Gumroad

Or a blog, or a website

Gumroad*, the leading platform for selling digital products, offers more than meets the eye.

While many creators choose Gumroad to sell their products, there’s a whole world of possibilities beyond sales.

Let us explore how you can leverage Gumroad to start a blog, create a newsletter, and harness the power of Gumroad workflows. Get ready to unlock the true potential of Gumroad!

Starting with Newsletters on Gumroad

Did you know that Gumroad allows you to create and manage newsletters effortlessly? It’s true! You can set up a newsletter on Gumroad in just a few simple steps.

By creating a new product in the backend, you can establish a newsletter and customize it with a compelling cover and an engaging introduction.

Within minutes, you’ll be ready to go live and start growing your subscriber base.

Why Choose Gumroad for Newsletters?

You might be wondering, why choose Gumroad for your newsletter when there are dedicated platforms like Substack or ConvertKit available?

The answer lies in the convenience and integration Gumroad offers.

If you’re already using Gumroad for your digital products, having your newsletter on the same platform streamlines your operations.

It’s like having all your tools under one roof. However, it’s worth noting that Gumroad’s newsletter feature is currently limited in terms of design customization.

The Power of Gumroad Workflows

One of the standout features of Gumroad’s newsletter functionality is its powerful automation tool called workflows.

With workflows, you can automate email delivery and engagement with your subscribers. You can set up automated emails to be sent immediately after someone subscribes, or at specific intervals afterward.

This automated process ensures that your subscribers receive timely and relevant content.

Gumroad workflows are particularly valuable for newbies in email marketing who want to maximize engagement without investing in third-party automation tools.

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How to Use Gumroad Workflows

To get started with Gumroad workflows, you’ll first need to set up your newsletter on the platform.

Once that’s done, navigate to the workflows section and create a new workflow. You can then define the trigger events and actions to be taken.

For example, you can set up a workflow to send a welcome email immediately after someone subscribes, followed by a series of curated content emails over the next few weeks.

The simplicity of Gumroad workflows makes it a perfect starting point for those new to email marketing.

Blog Creation on Gumroad

Beyond newsletters, Gumroad also serves as a solid platform for starting your own blog.

Your Gumroad profile comes with a dedicated post section where you can publish blog posts for everyone to read.

With a clean and user-friendly interface, you can easily write and share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise.

Gumroad’s blog feature also includes a comment section, encouraging interaction and discussion with your readers.

Customizing Your Gumroad Blog

While Gumroad’s blog customization options are currently limited, you can still add a personal touch to your blog.

You can select your main color accent and upload cover images that reflect your brand or the content of your blog posts. A few font options make the page unique.

Although more extensive customization options are not available at present, Gumroad has plans to expand in the future, allowing creators to further personalize their Gumroad sites.

The Benefits of Member-Only Content

Gumroad’s blog functionality extends beyond public posts. You can also utilize it to create member-only content. By enabling the membership feature, you can restrict access to certain blog posts, making them exclusive to your newsletter subscribers or members.

This adds value to your newsletter or membership offering, as subscribers gain access to premium content that’s not available to the general public.

The Pros and Cons of Gumroad Blogging and Newsletters

While Gumroad offers a range of benefits for bloggers and newsletter creators, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

On the positive side, Gumroad’s basic features are available for free, making it accessible to creators of all levels.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and integration capabilities provide a seamless experience.

However, limitations such as design customization options and the inability to import subscribers can be drawbacks for some creators.

It’s crucial to weigh these factors against your specific needs and priorities.

Expanding Beyond Blogs and Newsletters

Gumroad’s versatility doesn’t stop at blogs and newsletters. The platform offers an array of additional features to help creators monetize their content.

You can sell memberships, allowing subscribers to access exclusive content or perks. You can also create and sell courses, sharing your expertise with an eager audience.

Moreover, Gumroad provides advanced analytics to track your product sales, email open rates, and more. Integration with third-party analytics tools is also possible for deeper insights into your performance.

Gumroad: Constant Evolution and Exciting Future Features

Gumroad is committed to continuously improving its platform. The team behind Gumroad shares their roadmap and goals transparently, keeping creators informed about upcoming updates and features.

Exciting additions like upsell capabilities were just released.

Future features will further enhance the selling and monetization potential of Gumroad, making it an even more powerful platform for creators.

In Conclusion

Gumroad is much more than just a sales platform. It offers a host of features that allow creators to start a blog, create newsletters, and explore the potential of automation through workflows.

With Gumroad’s user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and upcoming enhancements, it’s an excellent choice for creators looking to expand their online presence and monetize their content.

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting out, Gumroad provides a valuable toolkit to help you thrive in the digital space. Embrace the power of Gumroad and unleash your creativity today!

I run a newsletter called Medium Masterminds on Gumroad*.

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