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This May Be My Favorite Notion Template Yet (Steal It Soon For Free)

I use this template every day

I love creating Notion templates.

And since I became a full-time content creator in July 2023, I can’t stop dreaming about and creating Notion templates.

Just kidding… sort of.

Real Notion use cases

When I started learning Notion, I faced one issue:

I had no real-life use cases. It’s so easy to find some, though. So, I started looking at what I tracked and how I could do that in Notion instead.

I began with my wardrobe. I had kept a list of all my clothes in a simple Apple Notes list for a while. I moved that to a Notion database in 30 minutes and never looked back. (You can get that template for FREE here).

My favorite use case, however, was the next one.

Movies & TV shows

A movie tracker. I track what my wife and I watch in the evenings on the various streaming services.

This easy tracking system helps me:

  • remember what we watched
  • remember the ratings
  • get an overview of our streaming platforms (including subscriptions fees & plans)
  • and even build a net of connections between movies, shows, actors, actresses, directors, authors, and more

Recently, I turned my movie tracking system into a downloadable Notion template on my Gumroad store, and it might be one of my favorites ever.

It’s called Moviebuff

Image by author

Moviebuff is a tracker for everything you watch, TV shows, movies, and documentaries. More than that, however, and what makes it different from all the other movie trackers I’ve found so far, is that it also connects multiple databases to the central movie database.

The biggest one is the cast and crew database which tracks actresses & actors, directions, authors, and more.

I love adding people to the database and seeing how many movies I’ve watched with certain actresses and actors.

Steal it now

This is only available in the premium version of Moviebuff. I also offer a basic, free version.

But it gets even better. Very soon, this template and ALL my other premium templates will be free!!! For everyone.

Just sign up to my email list to be notified when it happens

Get Moviebuff

Try it & see how cool it is to track your favorite shows!

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