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The Ultimate Solution for Creators with Multiple Newsletters

Sync All Your Newsletter Sources into One Database

These days, every content creator is pushing the idea that “you need a newsletter.”

You need a newsletter

And they’re not wrong — an email list is one of the most powerful assets you can build as a creator.

But managing multiple newsletters across different platforms?

That’s where things get messy.

Multiple inputs

The core benefit of an email list is that it allows you to own your audience, rather than being beholden to any single platform.

You can connect with your true fans directly, share content and updates, and take that audience with you wherever you go online.

However, most creators end up gathering subscribers from various sources — a newsletter, an email capture on their website, and a lead magnet on sales platform.

Before you know it, you have email lists scattered across ConvertKit, Beehiiv, MailerLite, Gumroad, and more.

Switching newsletter providers means a painful process of exporting and re-importing those scattered subscribers.

Help on the way

That’s why I developed a simple Notion newsletter solution that automatically consolidates all my subscriber data into a single database, no matter where those emails originally came from.

It’s a centralized haven for my whole email audience, with some sweet filtering capabilities.

Here are the key benefits of my Notion newsletter workflow:

✔ Automatic backup of all subscribers in my own workspace, protecting against data loss.

✔ No hassle of manually combining and transferring lists when changing newsletter tools.

✔ Ability to filter and segment subscribers based on metadata like source, tags, etc.

The foundation of this system is a simple Notion database for subscriber details like email, name, signup date, and source.

Free help

Using a free Zapier account, I’ve connected this database to my various newsletters and email list sources.

Whenever someone subscribes to my website newsletter embed, for instance, Zapier automatically adds their details to the Notion database, tagging the source as “Website.”

The same process repeats for additions to my MailerLite newsletter, even my Gumroad customer list, and any other sources I connect.

Within Notion, I can view my complete subscriber list at a glance. I can filter by source, create saved views for particular segments, and more. If I ever decide to migrate newsletter platforms, it’s as simple as exporting the Notion data and importing it into the new tool — no more juggling separate lists!

Why Notion

Because it’s simple and free. I also keep everything else there, so it makes perfect sense.

Using my Notion newsletter system keeps me organized, makes switching platforms a breeze, and ensures I never lose valuable subscriber data.

I’ve made my template available on Gumroad, so any creator can implement the same workflow. And don’t be surprised. It’s a super simple template. The magic happens when you connect Notion and your newsletter tools via Zapier.

Just download the template, connect your newsletter sources via Zapier’s simple setup, and watch your centralized Notion database populate automatically.

From there, you can manage, segment, and take your complete email audience wherever your creator journey leads.

The bottom line

For too long, I have struggled with scattered subscribers and proprietary newsletter data stuck in platform silos.

With my Notion newsletter solution, I own my email list on my terms while still taking advantage of awesome newsletter tools.

It’s also a valuable backup should anything go wrong with the newsletter platforms I am using.


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