Substack Is Officially a Social Media Network

Without algorithm or ads

Substack launched Substack Notes today, a timeline-based, social sharing service that resembles early Twitter apart from the typical Substack-orange color scheme.

Substack Notes combines long-form newsletter writers, Substack bloggers, and short-form social sharing fans under one roof, without algorithms or ad networks.

Subscription first, follower-based, chronologically sorted. It’s social media like in the good old days.

It’s early and no one can tell, but a viable Twitter competitor (and social network rival in general) is something many creators and consumers are looking for.

After the rise of Twitter alternatives like Mastodon or Post, a large media company like Substack could be in a great position to take on short-form social media.

If Substack does to Twitter, what they did to newsletters over the last 5 years, you shouldn’t miss out.

What do you think?

Visit my Substack Notes profile here.

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