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Sponsorships (Not Ads) Will Be the Future of Content Creation


It dawned on me.

Sponsorships and partnerships will be creative gold in 2023 and beyond. The era of ads is over.

Companies rather advertise with popular creators than create traditional ads. Ads won’t ever cease to exist, but we’re headed to a collaborative advertisement future.

And this is brilliant for all content creators.

Smaller companies will reach out to beginner creators, large companies will branch out to smaller niche creators. You and I will benefit from this shift.

I recently signed up for Lettergrowth, a tool created by Paul Metcalfe to help support newsletter creators. Lettergrowth is a directory of newsletters that are willing and actively looking for cross-promotions with other newsletters.

Creators helping creators, essentially.

In a short period of time, many large and smaller-sized newsletters have signed up for Lettergrowth. Kristina God is part of it with her Substack newsletter, I am in, and large creators like Alex Llull with his newsletterThe Steal Club” joined Lettergrowth.

It will become (and already has) a valuable resource for content creators.

If you run a newsletter — no matter the platform or size — take a look at Lettergrowth to find fitting partners and cross-promote. It’s free, it’s easy, and it helps fellow creators.

This can also help you find sponsors to run paid ads in your newsletterI recently enabled this option to my newsletter via Gumroad.

I added Lettergrowth to my Creators’ Toolbox, my free database of tools and platforms for writers and content creators. Get that here.

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