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Repost Your Blog Content on Medium — It’s a No Brainer in 2024

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Putting your existing blog posts on Medium is a win-win you don’t want to miss out on.

Reposting takes minimal effort, benefits both your site and Medium, and lets you profit while driving traffic back home.

It’s a no-brainer for any blogger in 2024.

Importing is super easy

Reposting on Medium couldn’t be simpler.

Instead of the “Write a story” button, go to your Stories tab and click “Import a story.”

Paste your blog post URL and hit import. Medium will pull everything in, saving you from manual copying.

The importer does a good job bringing content over. You may need to reformat bullet points and such, but overall it’s seamless.

You’ll notice a line added saying something like “Originally published at on March 26, 2023.”

No need to remove this if you don’t want. But you can.

The magic behind the scenes

When you import a post, Medium automatically adds a canonical tag pointing back to the original on your blog.

This does some great things:

  • Tells search engines it’s a repost, not duplicate content
  • Points search engines back to the original source
  • Drives SEO traffic from Medium back to your blog

This is exactly what we want — leverage Medium’s authority and rankings to send viewers to our own site. Growing your blog’s authority this way has multiple benefits:

  • Increases domain authority score
  • Improves search rankings
  • Earns valuable backlinks
  • Rises up in search results

And more.

No downsides to republishing

What could go wrong, you ask? Absolutely nothing!

Reposting properly with Medium’s tools will not harm your blog or risk duplicates.

You get zero downsides and all upsides.

The only potential “negative” is solo Medium posts would rank better without a canonical tag, because of its high authority. But we don’t care about that for now, because Medium doesn’t pay for external traffic anyway.

What matters is Medium can help your own authority and rankings grow over time by importing correctly.


The bottom line

If you have a blog and aren’t reposting on Medium, you are missing out on huge benefits for little effort.

Here’s why you should start immediately:

  • Reposting takes minimal time or technical skills
  • Does not hurt your blog or risk duplicates
  • Make money on Medium while driving traffic back home
  • Leverage Medium’s authority to boost your own
  • It’s free and you have nothing to lose!

In my view, republishing on Medium is a complete no-brainer for any blogger. You get the best of both worlds — profit on Medium while improving your blog’s traffic and authority.

Whether you should even have a blog in the first place is a whole other question. But for now, just start reposting your content on Medium and reap the benefits!

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