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My Favorite Twitter Tool Is Dead

Here’s the best alternative

I’ve been raving about a tool in the past that was Twitter creator heaven.

It scheduled tweets, automatically retweeted and undid the retweet later on, integrated recurrent and evergreen posts, auto DMs, and much more. And all of that for a lifetime deal that was too good to be true.

That tool is called Zlappo.

But since Elon Musk decided to increase Twitter API prices to an absurd monthly fee, Zlappo among other popular Twitter tools had to close their service (for the most part).

This is sad.

The power of Twitter automation

A growing Twitter account comes with some time management needs. Regular tweeting, responding, connecting, DMing, setting up deals and discounts, and more.

That takes time.

An automation tool like Zlappo is a must for many creators, including me. Unfortunately, I had to find another tool. And choices are somewhat limited.

Relevant tools

There are many Twitter tools out there. I am not sure how stable they are in terms of paying the absurd Twitter API fees, but they’re still active. A good sign.

Tools I’ve tried:

  1. Hypefury
  2. TweetHunter
  3. Sidebird
  4. Feedhive
  5. Typefully

Of these 5, only one delivers on my needs. But let’s quickly look at the other 4.


Sidebird is a nifty little tool with a gorgeous design. I love the way it looks and works. But the tool is very limited in capability compared to the others.

You can:

  • schedule tweets
  • automatically create threads by pasting in long text
  • see analytics
  • auto-retweet and undo retweets

That’s it basically. What Sidebird misses are features like recurrent and evergreen posts and DM functionality. Two huge things for content creators who regularly put out new digital products.

Sidebird costs $9 per month.


Like Sidebird, Typefully sports a beautiful, minimal design. It works like a charm.

You can:

  • schedule tweets
  • see detailed metrics
  • auto-retweet and undo retweets
  • add automatic plugs
  • cross-post to LinkedIn
  • and add integrations via Zapier or their API

It’s more powerful than Sidebird, but that does come at a cost. The free account is limited, you’ll have to pay from $9 to $99 per month depending on your feature needs.


This one is a general social media scheduler, not only for Twitter. It does have a lot of features and a beautiful design. It works well with most socials. Since

Elon’s Twitter upgrade, you need your own API key to access the Twitter scheduling functionality though. It’s not complicated, but it adds some friction to the process.

That’s the main reason I don’t use Feedhive. The other is pricing. Since it’s a tool for many socials, Feedhive costs from $19 to $299 a month. I only need it for Twitter.


This one is a great Twitter tool. It offers all the features I want:

  • scheduling tweets & threads
  • auto retweets and undo
  • Evergreen tweets
  • Auto DM
  • analytics
  • a lot more on the higher tiers

You’re paying $49 per month for this. TweetHunter is a great alternative for many Twitter creators.

My favorite, however, is the next one.


Even before I used Zlappo, I had tried Hypefury. And it did everything I needed. The only reasons I switched to Zlappo was its lifetime deal. For reference, I paid $150 for Zlappo lifetime.

That’s a few months on Hypefury or Tweethunter.

Now that Zlappo is dead, Hypefury is the best alternative. For one simple reason: The smallest plan costs $19 a month and still offers all I need with only few limitations.

Tweethunter would cost me $49 a month at least.

Hypefury offers:

  • scheduling tweets & threads
  • auto retweets and undo
  • Evergreen tweets & recurrent posts with categories
  • Auto DM (2x per month)
  • a lot more on the higher tier for $49

That’s plenty. Hypefury also just introduced a new UI in beta which looks a lot more modern than the old one. I like it.

Additionally, Hypefury has a solid free plan. TweetHunter only offers a 7-day free trial.

The bottom line

It’s sad that Zlappo had to give up. Thanks, Elon…

The next best Twitter scheduling and automation tool on the market is Hypefury, in my opinion. If you can afford the $49 per month, TweetHunter is on par with Hypefury.

The final question: Do you need a scheduling tool for Twitter at all?

That’s personal choice, of course, but I’ve tried doing without one the past few days, and it’s not the same. Zlappo removed much of the friction and manual work around my Twitter content creation. Hypefury will do the same.

So, I need a Twitter automation tool. How about you?

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