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My Channel That Made $4000+ Got Kicked Off YouTube


It happened.

Three years ago, I started my first faceless YouTube channel. A year later, I got it monetized. It started gaining traction. Eventually, I made money with it.

Screenshot by author

Another year later, I got kicked out of YouTube’s partner program.


I’ve been relying on compilations for this channel. That’s not bad. Countless channels use this format.

The problem is the content. Oftentimes, compilations use material from other creators. Copyrighted material.

While I’ve not been doing this extensively in recent times, I did it in the beginning, because some questionable YouTube gurus suggested doing it to quickly grow a faceless YouTube channel. In my naive belief, I listened.

Silly me.

Now, my channel won’t make a dime anymore. Luckily, I was prepared for that. I’ve built channels with other formatsand additional income streams.

Still, there goes monthly income.

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