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In 2022 It’s Possible to Be an Online Writer Without Ever Writing a Word

Just get your tools right

Imagine this. Writing daily blog posts with hundreds of words, cashing in on Medium, getting posts SEO-ready for ad revenue, or sending out newsletters, all without actually ever writing a word yourself.

That’s easily possible in 2022. With the right tools and the power of AI. And it sucks that it is!

The tools

Let’s take a look at a fabricated process of being an online writer that does not write.

You watch a YouTube video and like the content. You think it might do well as a blog post.

Then, you only need a few tools to turn this YouTube video into a blog post.

You need:

  1. dictation software
  2. a Grammar checker
  3. AI rephrasing software
  4. an AI writing tool

The process

Here is what you do.

  1. You turn the video into text with a dictation tool. Let the video run and run the dictation tool simultaneously. Most smartphones have such a tool integrated into the OS. There are also tools to directly do this, I’m sure.
  2. You run a spell checker over the written content to correct errors, find semantic issues, and more.
  3. Then you rephrase the text with an AI-powered tool like Wordtune, to make it “your own”.
  4. Afterward, you run the text through an AI-based writing tool like or to add more fluff to it.
  5. Finally, you edit it by hand once. And you’re done.

That whole process can be done in 15–20 minutes, depending on the length of the video and the word count. And you have billions of YouTube videos to choose from.

The moral of this story

You see how easy it is to create content without really creating content.

To be honest, that sucks.

I remember a story about a popular Medium writer who had her stories published in the greatest Medium publications and earned a huge chunk of money for months on end until someone realized that all she did was take videos by Lana Blakely, turn them into written words, and publish them as Medium stories. Without changing much.

It’s sad.

The bottom line

Being a content creator is hard. You’re trying to constantly produce great stuff. Your competition is always right there with you.

Then, you worry about people stealing your stuff or copying it, even just rephrasing it a little. That happens all the time. Copied blog posts, republished Medium stories, stolen content.

But now, we also have to worry about AI-powered tools that make the process of stealing our work even easier and faster.


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