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I Don’t Know Why Medium Still Hasn’t Changed This

It is due for change

Sometimes I sound like a broken record. I’ve talked about this multiple times in the past.

An obvious change to the Medium partner program that I feel like Medium will be doing it any minute now.

Adding this simple requirement will lead to either one of the following 3 outcomes, all of which are beneficial to the Medium community:

  1. It will either lead to many more members paying $5 a month.
  2. Or it will lead to less competition because a number of writers will stop writing or reduce their output
  3. Or, lastly, it might lead to much more free content, available without paywall to anyone who visits this site.

What’s this change?

Making the Medium Partner Program earnings only available to paying members.

Right now, free account holders can earn too. They earn but don’t pay. I don’t know why. You?

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