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I Cut Ties With AdSense


For the longest time, 14+ years to be exact, I’ve had WordPress blogs, lately without WordPress, completely self-made.

In all this time, one thing bothered me the most. AdSense. I don’t like ads that much. But what I really hate is selling my soul to Google AdSense for a few dollars.

Still, somehow I thought I needed AdSense for my self-hosted blogs.

Not anymore. I cut ties with AdSense. I just removed the last AdSense code block from my last blog. It was my remaining personal blog with German content.

It just wasn’t worth it anymore.

No more ads for cents. I know some people make it big with AdSense. I wasn’t one of them.

From now on, I focus on Medium and my newsletter. Paid by readers. Not ads.

Although, Medium could really benefit from ads. Like paying for external views.

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