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Here’s the TikTok Of Newsletters

Short-form email is trending

Short-form content is taking the world by storm.

Literally. It’s a tornado.

And it doesn’t stop at video content. Short-form has long ventured into other formats.

Case and point: Newsletters.

Short & sweet

I recently discovered the shortest newsletter I’ve ever seen. But here’s the thing. It’s brilliant.

The format, the content, the idea, even the design and branding of this newsletter are simply brilliant. I don’t say that often. Gives me 80s vibes too.

After reading just four issues, I’ve included this newsletter at the top of my recommendation section on my website.

Help me help you

Where is that recommendation section? That’s a cool feature. After you subscribe to my newsletter and hit the subscribe button, a widget should open up with newsletter recommendations. Supporting fellow creators is something we should all do.

Collaboration > competition

My recommendation widget is built by SparkLoop* and aims to help creators discover and support other creators with referrals.

Love that stuff.

Check out my recommendations! You won’t regret it.

If you’d like to add a similar widget to your site, you’ll find the details here*.

The new “Morning Brew”

Back to the brilliant newsletter.

This short-form wonder is called 8am*. It’s written by Christian Collard. He shares one single gem every day at 8 am. Duh.



From success stories to inspirational tales, nuggets of wisdom, and funny anecdotes, it never fails to deliver. I bet you’ll enjoy 8am. It robs less than a minute a day, but it can lead to hours of enjoyment.

Just read the testimonials:

Ok. Seriously. 8am is the new Morning Brew. ” 

– Allison Wright

A new newsletter put on the same level as a multi-million dollar media sensation. Not too shabby.

Christian Collard is no slouch either. He’s launched and scaled three direct-to-consumer brands over the past 4 years. He founded the newsletter (over 20K+ subscribers to date) and sold it in 2021.

Only a week ago, he created 8am and this short-form phenomenon has already grown to over 600 subscribers. Christian wanted a a newsletter that delivered just ONE story each day worth reading. That’s the essence of 8am.

Not my first

8am isn’t the first short-form newsletter I hooked up with. My first was the Minimalist Hustler Daily by my friend Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler. You’ll find that one in my recommendations as well, coincidently.

In one minute each day, Jamie provides value in three ways. Something from him, something from someone else, and something sponsored. It’s another unique newsletter format. And I’ve discovered many great tools and resources since I signed up for the Minimalist Hustler Daily.

Yes, short-form is coming for newsletters, people. It’s good stuff. Newsletters should be short and sweet.

Can’t get any shorter or sweeter than 8am* or the Minimalist Hustler Daily.

The bottom line

People are lazy. Newsletters should be short and sweet. Sort of like Twitter for newsletters.

That’s not all, though. Short-form content for newsletters hits at a perfect time with the relatively recent explosion of short-form content creation on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels & Facebook Reels.

It’s happening right before our eyes.

Ungodly amounts of money will be poured into short-form content in 2023 and beyond. For newsletters, this market is less saturated. It’s still wide open. And the earning potential is just starting to reach its initial stages. We’re far off from the peak.

What a time to be alive.

“I wish I had started a newsletter 5 years ago” 

– People in 2028

Don’t be that person! Start now!

And subscribe to 8am*.

*this is an affiliate link. I’ll get a commission if you decide to sign up for a paid plan later on.

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