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Here Are My 6 Favorite Gumroad Alternatives For 2023

Lower fees, a lot of features & integrations

You’ve heard it.

Gumroad shot themselves in the foot by introducing a 10% flat fee for all creators in January 2023.

This means a 300+% fee increase for many. It’s a major increase for me as well.

I’ve been hunting down alternatives for this popular creator platform and found a few great ones.

Let’s take a look!

#1 My alternative

You may know this already. I’ve talked about them many times, and I’ve been using this Gumroad competitor for over 6 months alongside Gumroad.

Now, I’m in the middle of switching everything over from Gumroad to this service.

It’s Payhip*.

(*this is an affiliate link. I’ll get a small commission if you decide to try one of the paid plans.)

Payhip is an excellent platform for digital product sales, with a fast and responsive checkout page that can be added to any platform. Customers can pay with PayPal or credit card, and have access to features such as affiliate marketing, coupons, and a pay-what-you-want pricing model. There are limits on downloads and file size, as well as PDF stamping to prevent illegal sharing.

In addition, Payhip handles UK VAT and EU VAT for you and your European customers, a much-appreciated and little-talked-about legal requirement.

Pricing is free with a 5% transaction fee, or Plus and Pro plans for $29/month and $99/month, respectively.

I wrote an extensive comparison of Gumroad and Payhip here.

#2 The next best thing

If I hadn’t been invested in Payhip already, this next tool would have been my alternative of choice, I’m pretty sure.

It’s called Lemon Squeezy (awesome name btw).

Lemon Squeezy is an e-commerce platform that allows users to quickly create an online store to sell digital products, software, and subscriptions. It also offers marketing tools, a pay-what-you-want payment structure, analytics, and tax compliance.

Lemon Squeezy comes with email marketing and automation for up to 500 contacts, a feature that is highly valuable and rivals Gumroad’s workflow system. And it takes care of UK and EU VAT.

There is no monthly charge, only a 5% +50¢ per sale transaction fee.

#3 If you want POD too

This next platform doesn’t come with a free plan, only a 14-day trial, but for high-volume sellers, it offers affordable monthly subscriptions and many features.

Meet Sellfy.

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell digital and physical products, subscriptions, and on-demand video streaming. You can create print-on-demand products as well.

It features a website builder, automatic translation, mobile optimization, marketing features, and the ability to embed the store on any website. Sellfy does not handle VAT requirements, though.

Pricing starts at $19/month, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

#4 The all-rounder with 5% fees

A strong competitor that I considered for a while. Low fees, easy tools, and a lot of integrations.

Hello SendOwl.

SendOwl is an e-commerce platform that allows creators to sell their products and start sponsorships without taking a cut of their profits. It offers features like integrations, a modern checkout system, and customizable checkout fields.

It also provides analytics and security features like 2-factor authentication and download limits. Finally, SendOwl takes care of VAT requirements.

SendOwl has a free plan with 5% fees and a paid plan for 19/month and no fees.

#5 The one for course instructors

If you want a Gumroad alternative with a focus on online courses, this one is for you.

It is Podia.

Podia is an excellent platform for selling digital products such as courses, webinars, e-books, and paid communities. It has features like email marketing, live chat, affiliate marketing, and 24/7 support.

It also offers webinar hosting and the ability to bundle products. It does not take care of UK & EU VAT for you, though. Keep that in mind!

The pricing plans range from $39 to $199 per month, and there is a free plan with 8% transaction fees.

#6 The most affordable free alternative

Affordable & free, weird right? This platform does not have a monthly subscription, and you only pay 1% in fees on each transaction. Can’t get any more affordable.

Meet Flurly.

Flurly is an online platform that allows users to sell digital products. It is gaining popularity as a Gumroad alternative due to its low fee, as well as features such as collaboration tools, workflow management, memberships, quick setup, free product samples, Zapier integration, an affiliate program, mobile support, and Apple Pay and Google Pay methods, and more.

Flurly does not handle VAT requirements for UK or EU customers, though.

Pricing is simple as I said. No monthly costs, 1% fee on each sale.

The bottom line

I’m moving away from Gumroad. I don’t want to pay 10% on each sale plus payment provider fees, even though I’ve always loved Gumroad’s feature set, the backend, the design, and the ease of use.

But 10% is just a lot for high-volume sellers.

What do you think? Will you switch?

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