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Have You Heard Of It’s Basically Medium With Ads

A new competitor on the horizon?

I know, I know. Yet another Medium-killer.

We’ve seen Vocal, we’ve heard about NewsBreak, and we’ve tried Simily. They’re not Medium. And I’m pretty sure, they never will be.

Is Feeding Trends just more of the same?

Kind of. But kind of not. Let’s explore!

The platform

Feeding Trends is a writing platform, just like Medium, Vocal, Simily, Tealfeed, and others out there.

By the way, if you’re interested in a comprehensive list of writing resources including writing platforms, tools, and more, I have a free one here.

Unlike Medium and the other platforms, however, Feeding Trends operates with ads. You might be familiar with this concept from HubPages, for instance.

No, ads aren’t my favorite way of monetization for content creators. But this is how the internet works. Almost everything is run by and with ads.

Feeding Trends is based in India. The majority of traffic comes from India, with about 35% coming from the US, and 5% from other countries.

In their own words, Feeding Trends get over a million views per month.

How to earn

Feeding Trends has a partner program like Medium. Again, it relies on ads instead of monthly subscriptions. This means, stories are free to read. Ad clicks generate revenue. Those earnings are distributed amongst writers and Feeding Trends.

I haven’t tried the ad model yet, so I can’t talk about numbers from personal experience. What I can say is that you get paid after minimum earnings of Rs750. That should be about $10.

As you can tell, Feeding Trends is Indian. That’s not a bad thing at all.

For now, don’t expect tremendously high earnings on this platform. After all, it’s ads and a newish platform.

How to get traffic to Feeding Trends

To earn you need visitors who click on ads, obviously. In this regard, Feeding Trends generally works like a blog. You share your content on social media and other places on the web in the hopes of people reading it.

Feeding Trends still has a somewhat low domain authority score of 26 which means getting traffic from search engines via SEO practices will work, but won’t be as successful as on Medium (DA of 95 out of 100), Substack (DA 84), and others. It’s still worth a shot as it will be a higher DA than any newly-created blog you run.

Additionally, Feeding Trends has a growing built-in audience. Much smaller than Medium, of course, but the idea is similar.

What topics

What can you write about on Feedings Trends? Basically everything. The platform has content guidelines which exclude the usual suspect like harassment, promoting harm or self-harm, exploitation, etc.

A note on duplicate content: Like on Medium, you’re not allowed to publish the same content in multiple places within Feeding Trends. You are, however, free to republish posts from your blog or other writing platforms if you wish.

What’s not allowed

Feeding Trends has a few restrictions that differ from Medium and most other platforms I know, two examples:

  1. Since they provide the ads, you’re now allowed to advertise yourself. That means no adding ad blocks (which isn’t possible on most platforms anyway), but it also means no affiliate marketing, no sponsored content, no selling products, even your own, as far as I understand.
  2. No donations: Feedings Trends doesn’t allow for donation requests within your content or profile page. So, no Ko-Fi, Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee links.

Is Feeding Trends worth it

I don’t know. I’m going to find out as I plan to contribute a few of my stories to the platform and see what happens.

By the way, you have to apply for the partner program and this comes with two little requirements.

  1. You need at least 10 published stories
  2. You need to stay active (i.e., publish regularly, in this case at least once every 3 months)

A small hurdle, I’d say.

The bottom line

What do you think? Does Feeding Trends sound like a platform to try?

Again, I’m not a huge fan of ads. But who are we kidding, ads run the internet, they won’t go away, and they provide a way to earn money for writing.

I’m curious. That’s why I’m going to try this new platform. I’ll report back with my findings.

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