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The real deal

I am too old for virtual reality goggles. 


I think they’re cool. The tech in those headsets must be out of this world, just like the experience of wearing them, but I can’t imagine putting these things on all day every day.

I also can’t imagine spending $3500+ on a VR headset with still limited capabilities and features. 

It will improve, I am sure. And I could very well see a future when the majority of people (for work and fun) wear and use these things.

After all, Apple is pretty good at marketing new product categories.

But for now… nope.

That’s why I love this new little icon set I just found on X. 

It’s by a designer called Lokki*, and it’s basically the design and feel of the Vision OS icons and widgets, adapted for iPhone (and iPad).

A unique and very reasonably priced iOS icon set that anybody can use on their home screen to make the phone look a little more… futuristic, you know what I mean?

It’s a pretty great idea by Lokki*. Just look at those icons:

Image by Lokki*

They have a glossy, 3D look, paired with the blurred 3D-like background. It just works. 

In case you’d like to make your iPhone look like this, head over to Gumroad and give that icon set a spin*.

Lokki offers few versions:

  • Built-in iOS apps only
  • a complete pack
  • and an exclusive version with all apps, widgets, updates, and icon requests

What do you think? Do you like the look of these icons? I surely do!

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