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Fresh, Soulless Content Now Generated For You 24/7

The AI revolution is in full force

It’s happened.

The day we writers and bloggers have long feared has arrived.

Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT have advanced to the point where they can generate articles, essays, blog posts, and even longform content, with the click of a button.

Slow clap for technology.

I mean, who needs human creativity, emotion, and talent anymore when you’ve got a nifty computer program?

Sure, we puny humans have been telling stories and expressing ideas for thousands of years, but we all know algorithms and predictive text are far superior.

Out with the old, in with the cold, robotic new!

Now anyone with an internet connection can instantly generate their own website content, social media posts, and email newsletters! You know, all that boring stuff we writers used to get paid to do. Be it very little in most cases.

Now it’s free! Mostly.

With AI tools, generating hundreds of blog articles takes no time at all! Who cares if half of them don’t make any sense? Quantity over quality, baby!

Even better, the tools can create social posts and marketing copy tailored to your target audience. So what if it’s a little, well, soulless? Soul is overrated anyhow! AI is generating content in every genre under the sun! Newsletters, white papers, even poetry! Truly impressive, the kind of meaningless word salad these robots can whip up.

Get ready for the age of AI bloggers and robot journalists! No need to waste time interviewing real people or doing extensive research. The bots have got it covered! Who wants nuance or accuracy when you can have millions of new articles published every minute of every day?

We might even see the first robot celebrity influencers soon. After all, the tools can analyze social media data to create picture-perfect posts, and that perfect AI-generated picture along with it. Genius.

I heard Claude has a softer side, that he/shie/it shows on Instagram. Who can compete with such robots?People like us? Writers? As if.

Between ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and all the other AI tools out there, we don’t need to pay human creators for written content!

Forget passion projects, thought-provoking editorials, or heartfelt storytelling. Generic blog spam and marketing drivel are the future!

And sure, the tools still make hilarious or nonsensical errors in their writing sometimes. But give the robots time!

In the next few years, they could advance to the point we can’t even distinguish their writing from a real person’s! Won’t that be thrilling?

I hope I get re-educated at a robot writing camp, so I can properly celebrate our automated word-bot revolution!

Some forward-looking writers are already embracing the automated future. I heard of one blogger who hired ChatGPT to write all his articles while he sits back sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico. Smart guy. No point fighting progress!

Other writers are scrambling to grab whatever writing gigs they can before the bots take over completely. But let’s face it… we’re waving goodbye to our careers unless we learn some new tricks.

Hope you brush up on your coding skills! Or may I suggest taking this time to rediscover your passion for interpretive dance or birdhouse building?

The age of human creative professionals is ending! We shall bask in the glow of AI’s algorithmic wisdom!

…stares blankly as an army of bots overwhelms the internet with content, while human creativity goes extinct

Hmm, is it getting hot in here? Or is that just the server farm generating all this award-winning automated content?

…collapses as the internet crashes under the endless bombardment of mediocre AI-generated blog posts

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