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Forget the Rules — A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging on Your Own Terms

And all the “dumb” advice by “experts”

Starting… well… anything online is tough these days.

Everywhere you look, so-called “experts” shove well-meaning but tired advice down your throat.

Find your voice! Post consistently! Promote on social media!

Boring! That can’t be all there is.

But what if there was another way?

What if you could launch an amazing, popular blog by marching to the beat of your own drum? Playing by your own rules?

Well, read on then!

The emperor has no clothes: Consistency is overrated

One of the most common tips for new bloggers is to maintain a steady posting schedule.

Supposedly, you need to post consistently to build a loyal readership. Duh.

This rule is ripe for breaking!

Instead, try adopting an intentionally erratic schedule. Go weeks or even months without posting new content. Then, suddenly bombard your readers with multiple posts per day.

Keep them wondering!

Not only will this attract readers who crave unpredictability, but it will teach you an important blogging lesson: rules are meant to be broken.


Voice? We Don’t need no MF voice!

Developing a unique “voice” is another go-to piece of blogger advice.

But what does that even mean? And who said you need one?


Forget about cultivating an identifiable writing style or viewpoint. This is your blog after all — do whatever you want!

One day, write posts as an unseen third-person omniscient narrator. The next, use an experimental second-person perspective.

Shake things up by adopting new writing styles every week.

That’ll teach your readers.

This type of creative risk-taking will set you apart from the herd of boring blogs. you know, these informative types.


Bring on the bizarre

Stuck on blog post ideas?

Look no further than the random inner workings of your mind.

Free association and stream of consciousness writing is an untapped goldmine of blog material.

When unconventional thoughts pop into your head, jot them down immediately.

These kernels often blossom into captivating posts.

Don’t filter yourself. Include every passing notion, no matter how odd or unrelated to your blog’s main focus.

This unbridled approach will produce gems of eccentric genius.

Also, structure is completely outdated.

To thine own self be true

Here’s the cardinal rule of blogging success: don’t even think about your readers.

This blog is for you and ONLY you.

Use your blog as a personal diary to gush about your crush one day and rant about your incredible life mentor the next.

Vent about irritating relationships and share inside jokes. Who cares if anyone actually reads it?

By staunchly putting yourself first, you’ll develop an authentic writing style and voice.

Your blog will become a treasured chronicle of your teenage years.

Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to develop my own voice. Da*n.

Cry me a river

At some point, you may receive negative feedback or attract fewer than 100 followers overnight. How could they?

If that happens, immediately quit blogging in dismay.

Don’t waste time forging ahead and learning from constructive criticism. One nasty comment or lack of instant success is clear proof that you should give up entirely.

Moping around feeling sorry for yourself is a much better use of time than persevering.

Don’t bother trying to get back on the blogging horse — it’s simply not worth it.

You’re doing great. Everyone else is wrong.

A blogging rebel is born

So there you have it — a beginner’s guide to blogging by your own rules.

Rebel against convention.

Release your unfiltered thoughts. Vent about pet peeves. Craft bizarre posts from fleeting ideas. And quit at the first misstep.

This approach is guaranteed to set you apart from the formulaic blogs of the past. Marching to the beat of your own drum will make you a blogging legend.

Who knows? You may pioneer a bold new era of creative online writing.

All it takes is a willingness to buck the tired old trends of consistency, voice development, and reader focus.

Are you ready to shatter expectations? It’s time to blaze your own trail. Your one-of-a-kind blogging revolution starts today!

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