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Flodesk Review 2024: The Beautiful Email Marketing Tool

What is Flodesk, is it worth it, what are the alternatives

In the dynamic landscape of email marketing, Flodesk, a relatively recent player, has been making substantial strides in winning over the hearts of online entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers.

Founded in 2018, Flodesk embarked on a mission to democratize professional email marketing for small businesses.

The ethos encapsulated in their motto, “Design emails people love to open,” underscores the company’s commitment to blending aesthetics with accessibility.

Flodesk prioritizes beautiful templates, an intuitive interface, creative options, and robust automations as key pillars of their service.

Key Features Setting Flodesk Apart

Flodesk’s* unique offerings include:

  1. No Subscriber Limits: A standout feature ensuring a fixed monthly price, regardless of the number of subscribers, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses in various stages of growth.
  2. Large Font Library: Over 100 fonts empower users to craft visually striking emails, ensuring a distinctive and appealing visual identity.
  3. Focus on Creativity: Flodesk caters to the creative instincts of business owners, offering features like Instagram integration, visual collages, and a variety of fonts for a visually impactful email campaign.
  4. Easy Automations: Setting up workflows and automations is streamlined, making it intuitive for users to manage tasks such as welcome sequences and sales funnels with ease.

Flodesk Features and Benefits

Delving into Flodesk’s features and benefits reveals a rich array of offerings:

  • Beautiful Templates: Flodesk is renowned for its elegant, modern, and professional templates across various email types, making it easy for users to create visually appealing emails, even without design expertise.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive and visually appealing interface, with key elements strategically placed for easy navigation. This simplicity extends to the creation, sending, and analysis of emails.
  • Creative Options: Users have the flexibility to showcase Instagram posts, create visual collages, use diverse fonts, and more. This appeals particularly to creative business owners seeking to make a visual impact.
  • Automations: Flodesk simplifies the setup of workflows and automations for tasks such as welcome sequences and sales funnels, saving users time and effort.
  • Social Media Integration: The platform facilitates easy addition of social media icons and seamless integration of Instagram feeds, enabling cross-channel promotion.
  • Unlimited Emails and Subscribers: At the standard price, there are no restrictions on the number of emails sent or the count of subscribers, a valuable feature for businesses experiencing growth.
  • Great Support: The Flodesk team is responsive to user feedback, continuously enhancing the platform based on user needs and preferences.

Who is Flodesk Good For?

Flodesk emerges as an excellent choice for a diverse range of users:

  • Online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers find the platform aligning well with their needs.
  • Small ecommerce businesses and boutiques benefit from Flodesk’s user-friendly features.
  • Creative agencies, photographers, and artists appreciate the platform’s focus on aesthetics and visual appeal.
  • Coaches and consultants building an audience find Flodesk’s simplicity and effectiveness appealing.

The platform’s aesthetic focus resonates strongly with female entrepreneurs, while its user-friendly interface makes it an attractive option for beginners.

Flodesk Pricing

One of Flodesk’s notable advantages is its transparent and straightforward pricing model:

  • Priced at $38/month or $35/month if billed annually, the cost remains consistent regardless of the number of subscribers or emails sent.
  • A significant incentive is the 50% discount available for the first year through a partner link, reducing the monthly cost to $19.

Pros and Cons of Flodesk

Based on user experiences, the main pros and cons include:


  • Beautiful templates that contribute to visually appealing emails.
  • An intuitive interface that simplifies the email creation process.
  • Creative freedom, allowing users to craft emails that stand out.
  • Easy automations, making it efficient to set up workflows.
  • Great overall value for the features offered.
  • a fixes and reasonable price


  • Predominantly targeting an English-speaking audience may limit its accessibility.
  • Support is provided exclusively via email.
  • Limited customization for double opt-in subject lines.
  • Servers are located in the USA, which may pose challenges for users in other regions.

Flodesk Alternatives

While Flodesk stands out for its ease of use and emphasis on visual email creation, exploring alternatives can provide users with a broader perspective. Here are some additional options to consider:

  • Mailchimp: A more established name in the industry, known for its free basic package and extensive features.
  • ConvertKit*: Ideal for content creators, though with a lesser focus on design compared to Flodesk.
  • GetResponse: Offers extensive features, but users may find it more complex compared to Flodesk.
  • EmailOctopus*: Positioned as a budget-friendly alternative, EmailOctopus is lauded for its simplicity and affordability. It is particularly suitable for small businesses and startups.
  • Substack*: While primarily known for its newsletter platform, Substack has gained traction for its simplicity, making it an excellent choice for writers and publishers looking to monetize newsletters.
  • Beehiiv*: A rising star in the email marketing landscape, Beehiiv focuses on simplicity and automation, catering to small businesses and individuals.

The bottom line

Flodesk has not only carved a niche for itself but has also become a preferred choice for entrepreneurs seeking a blend of unlimited subscribers, fixed pricing, and visually striking templates.

The platform’s appeal lies in its suitability for users wanting to create effective emails without an extensive technical skill set.

While Flodesk currently leans towards English-speaking audiences, its potential for growth and expansion is evident.

As the email marketing landscape evolves, the inclusion of alternatives such as EmailOctopus*, Substack*, and Beehiiv* further enriches the options available to users. Each alternative brings its unique strengths, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Flodesk*, with its commitment to design, simplicity, and unlimited possibilities, continues to be a beacon in the ever-evolving realm of email marketing.

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