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Did You Know You Could Make 17K a Month Writing Short Weather Forecasts

It blew my mind too

I started writing on NewsBreak a few days ago. Guess who else writes there? Countless other Medium writers is the answer.

Some think NewsBreak is solely for local news stories. And it mainly is. But, generally speaking, you can write about almost anything and still publish there. I don’t write news. Usually.

You like the weather? How does 17K a month sound for writing 2–3 minute reads on NewsBreak about the weather. That’s not a joke. One of the most popular Medium writers (who coincidently stopped writing here a couple of weeks ago) does exactly that. Matt Lillywhite.

He was known for self-improvement posts, humor, politics, relationship content, and more. On NewsBreak, he writes about the weather. With huge financial success. See his reply to a tweet.

Screenshot by Burk
Screenshot of Matt’s NewsBreak Profile

Quick footnote: In June and July, Matt wrote about politics and health a lot which undoubtedly contributed to the 17K.

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