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Come On, Don’t Flee to Mastodon

That’s not a solution

It seems everybody is worried about Twitter’s future, now that Elon Musk has taken over, fired a bunch of employees, made silly jokes, and overall behaved like a… well, dumb*ss.

So, what are people doing now? They’re fleeing to Mastodon, I guess.

Since Elon took over, I’ve read about 5 stories on how to use Mastodon, what it is, why I should use it, and why it’s better than Twitter (and all the rest) basically.


I didn’t read these stories because I was looking for them. They were recommended to me. Here.

Stop it.

I don’t want to move to Mastodon or any other “new” or “old” social media network. If anything, I’d rather take a break from social media if Twitter wasn’t my jam anymore.

Isn’t this what most people are bitching about? Social media is destroying us, it takes so much valuable time, it’s all bad… and then, they jump to Mastodon.

Of course, I’m not completely serious here. I haven’t actually met anyone who’s moved from Twitter to Mastodon since Elon happened.

I just wanted to point out an alternative. Let’s just take a social media break. It probably won’t kill us…

Or let’s just wait and see how this Twitter thing is panning out.

Elon is about to introduce monetization for Twitter Blue members (I assume), meaning if you pay $8 a month, you’ll be rewarded with some money for your content. We don’t know how or for what exactly, but it does sound interesting.

Elon shared that Twitter will introduce the option to include long-form written content, substantial video content is coming as well.


Combine these two content formats with monetization for paying members, and we get a mixture of YouTube and Medium, sort of. With a ginormous user base in place already.


Could be exciting.

So no, I won’t be fleeing to Mastodon any time soon. You?

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