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Benable: A Platform for Turning Recommendations into Earnings 2024

What is Benable, is it legit, is it worth it

If you love discovering new products, services, and places, and sharing your favorite finds with friends, Benable is a platform you need to know about.

It’s pretty new. For now, you can only use it with an invitation link or code.

Of course, I’ve got one for you!

Here’s the code to get invited: 8H751

Or use this link ↗

More than just a place to create lists of recommendations, Benable provides an opportunity to actually generate income from the things you recommend.

You’ll learn what exactly Benable is here, how the platform works, and the passive earning potential through sharing your own curated recommendation lists.

Let’s get started!

What is Benable?

Benable is an invite-only platform that allows users to create recommendation lists on any topic, from beauty products to restaurants, apps, tech, travel destinations, and more.

Basically anything you can find a link to.

It goes beyond traditional recommendation platforms, empowering users to earn commissions when people purchase from their suggestion lists.

The beauty of such a platform is that is gathers multiple recommendations and affiliate marketplaces in one place. You can share Amazon links here like in the Amazon affiliate program, but without being refined to only Amazon finds.

Described as “your ticket to turning your recommendations into a lucrative venture,” Benable aims to help users monetize their product recommendations.

Instead of just sharing your favorite things for free, you can actually make money in the process.

How Does Benable Work?

The process of creating and sharing recommendation lists on Benable is straightforward and simple:

  1. Create a Profile and Lists: Sign up for Benable with an invitation code and create your profile. You can then initiate recommendation lists on topics you love, like “Favorite tech of 2023” or “affordable laptops”
  2. Add Details: Populate your lists by adding keywords, links, descriptions, photos, or any other relevant information about your recommended products/services. Benable will pull additional info from the web.
  3. Review and Customize: Tailor the list details to your preferences by adding personal notes, photos, titles, etc. You have full control over how recommendations are presented.
  4. Share Your Lists: Once your lists are ready, Benable generates shareable links. You can embed these on your website, share to social media, add to your Linktree, and more.

Earning Potential with Benable

Now, obviously you won’t get rich right away.

That’s not how these things work. Never! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

The main draw of Benable is the ability to earn passive income from your recommendation lists.

Over time, this can compound. It’s the same principle as affiliate marketing. One link and one click don’t do much, but over time, many clicks can have significant impact.

So how exactly does it work?

Benable has partnered with over 35,000 brands across all categories.

That’s a lot!

When you recommend any product or service from these partners, Benable automatically generates an affiliate link for you.

Nothing to do on your part. It’s easy.

That means you instantly have approval for thousands of affiliate programs without any extra work.

Here’s an example:

  • You create a list of “Favorite tech 2024”
  • You add a link to your favorite tech gadgets on Amazon
  • Benable instantly creates your custom affiliate link for those products.
  • Someone clicks your link and buys something you recommended.
  • You earn a commission on the sale through your Benable-generated affiliate link!


Affiliate marketing.

This passive earning continues every time someone makes a purchase through one of your lists.

You can even use your own affiliate links if you already have partnerships in place.

This is a great option for experienced creators.

Benable simplifies affiliate marketing, allowing you to focus on curating great recommendations while the platform handles generating the money-making affiliate links automatically.

User Experience with Benable

So far, I’ve created a couple of products and made a list. Nothing fancy. I am only getting started. I have been involved with other affiliate networks and system over the years, and I am excited to try Benable and integrate some of my existing product partnerships into it.

I will see how it works.

Signing Up for Benable

Benable operates as an invite-only platform for now.

Using my invitation code 8H751 will allow you to bypass the waitlist. Signing up is simple and free.

Once you create your profile, you can begin curating recommendation lists on your favorite topics. The more lists you build, share, and optimize, the more potential traffic and earning opportunities.

Considerations Before Joining Benable

While Benable makes earning through recommendations accessible, here are a few things to note:

  • Income potential is correlated with your reach and audience size. Larger following = more potential buyers.
  • It will take consistency and maintenance of your lists to see results. Passive income doesn’t happen instantly.
  • You’re promoting affiliate products, so ensure your recommendations are authentic. Don’t sacrifice integrity.
  • Benable’s system simplifies the process but affiliate marketing still requires effort.

If you regularly discover helpful products and services and want to earn from your recommendations, Benable is worth exploring. Just be realistic about the effort required.

Next Steps with Benable

Benable provides an intriguing option for generating commissions from curated recommendation lists. To learn more and get started:

  • Sign up for an account using the invitation code 8H751
  • Browse Benable’s brand partners and categories to identify profitable niches
  • Brainstorm engaging topic ideas for your first few recommendation lists
  • Populate your lists with excellent products/services, including details
  • Share your finished lists on social platforms, your website, Linktree
  • Analyze traffic and purchases to refine your lists and strategy

Turning your genuine recommendations into a source of side income is an exciting concept. Benable empowers everyday users to become influencers, profiting from their suggestions.

Will Benable work for you?

Try it out and see for yourself.

With affiliate marketing, consistency over time is key. You won’t get rich overnight. But in contrast to many other endeavours, affiliate marketing is one of the truly “passive” income systems.

As passive as it gets.

If you’re in the market for that, or willing to try, Benable is a good way to start!

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