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$4000 Per Week For Two Short Paragraphs In a Newsletter

If you don’t believe newsletters are huge, you should

In 1 year, this man grew his newsletter to 85,000 subscribers.

Within 3.5 years total, he has grown his single-person business to multiple millions and his revenue per paragraph to unimaginable heights. With 94% profit margins.

Here’s how!

$4000 for 2–3 sentences

For every weekly issue of his 85K subscriber newsletter, he sells two ad spots, appearing at the top of the email. They’re a paragraph each, usually 1–2 sentences. 

Screenshot of the ads from the latest newsletter issue

This ad spot is sold at $2000 apiece right now. $4000 per weekly issue.

And the spots are booked for 6 months in advance.

Who is it

Of course, I’m talking about Justin Welsh and his newsletter The Saturday Solopreneur.

A quick calculation tells us that he earns $208,000 a year with his newsletter ads alone.

$4000 x 52 weeks = $208,000 per year

That’s the power of a free newsletter.

How did Justin get there?

He started 3.5 years ago by creating the LinkedIn operating system. A comprehensive system to utilize LinkedIn posts and templates to grow on the platform and monetize later on. 

In addition, he created Content OS, a multi-step system for creating a high-quality newsletter and 6–12 pieces of high-performance social media content each week.

Both courses sell for $150. And he’s made 3.9 million dollars.

Justin began his journey on LinkedIn, where he established a solid presence and steadily grew his audience over the course of a few years. He was able to connect and network with professionals in his industry and beyond, which resulted in valuable opportunities and collaborations.

However, realizing the importance of diversifying his reach and expanding his online presence, Justin decided to venture into Twitter in October of 2021. His strategy of creating and sharing engaging content, coupled with his already-established reputation on LinkedIn, proved to be effective in attracting a new audience. Within a mere 16 months, his following on Twitter has grown to be nearly as robust as his LinkedIn following.

Within the next few months, Twitter will surpass LinkedIn as his largest outlet.

The bottom line

That’s not the important part, though.

His newsletter is the heart of his business. He created The Saturday Solopreneur in January 2022.

Since then, it’s become the place to sell ads, earn a staggering $25K from affiliate marketing, and plugging his courses LinkedIn OS and Content OS. It’s been the foundation for the short form content he publishes (and re-publishes) on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s also his safe haven, his platform-independent audience. Before venturing to Twitter, Justin’s LinkedIn profile disappeared for a short while. His entire business was dependent on this one social network back then. That was a wake-up call to diversify, first on Twitter and then with his newsletter.

It’s 2023. If you still didn’t believe free newsletters were huge, now you do.

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