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$1800 For 30 Minutes Of Work

I’ve grown my email list by 450 entries as well

Thirty minutes of writing, experienced-based without further research, that’s how I’ve made $1800 to date. And it’s still growing each day.

How? With Medium!

Making money online is a like a game of poker. Sometimes you’ve been dealt a great hand, other times it’s garbage.

I feel the same way about my writing. Some days, it’s easy sledding, on other days, I can’t get a good paragraph out for the life of me.

30 minutes is all it takes

I write stories of various length throughout the week. Some as short as 150 words, others easily cross 1200 words. It takes between 15 minutes and 60 minutes on average.

The beauty of writing online is you never know when and which of the stories you write pick up steam and shoot through the roof.

This was the case with my $1800 post. It took me 30 minutes to write. I usually don’t take much longer to draft up pieces unless I incorporate multiple sources or additional material because I don’t have more time during my day.

When I wrote said post, I didn’t imagine it going through the roof and becoming my most-read story on this platform.


There are easier ways to make money online than writing, I’m sure. With more steady and predictable income, too.

On Medium, it’s always a surprise to me which stories do well and which don’t. I went from 15K views in December to over 230K views in February/March.

For 30 minutes or work, I’ve earned $1800. And this amount is growing every day right now.

It feels like hitting the jackpot.

The bottom line

I wrote a story about my experience with YouTube. It’s a short read, has a catchy title, a good first paragraph, and an easy-to-follow structure. It gained 187K views in 3 months.

Screenshot by author

$1800 is great money for me. It did more than that, though. Through this post, I’ve grown my subscriber list substantially (over 450 entries alone), my followers have been increasing exponentially since its release (over 4700 people), and I’ve gained more than 80 referrals in this time.

That’s the beauty of Medium. You never know when you hit a viral post.

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